Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's New in Version 2.5

Hi to all ! A new major free update is here for you ! :-)

We have collected all your feedback and with this update we have tried to correct and improve Stamp Art Fever as you suggest to us.
We have also included two new themed sets and new features.

Unfortunately we had to take a decision for the increment of the value of older stamps, because a limit to the value growth is necessary for balancing the gameplay, so the stamps now increment their value to a maximun of 2.5 of starting quote. The older players of Stamp Art Fever could go angry with us, but we ask them to understand us and a Fidelity Reward of 20 000 coins can make this decision more easy for you.

But now we going to see the IMPROVEMENTS and the new FEATURES:

- now the Thief and the Fire stop often annoying you, we have rebalanced these events following your feedback;
- the Strongbox now can be expanded to 45 slots;
- new FEEDBACK section is now available so you can suggest us in app directly;
- two new themed sets for you! WONDERS and GEMSTONES are ready for collecting, 40 more artworks for you;
- two new Achievements available for the new themed sets in Gamecenter and OpenFeint;
- we have raised the daily Budgets of Shop and Black Market following your feedback;
- now you can tap the entire bottom edge to slide up the Status Panel;
- we have introduced bigger Back and Close buttons for people with big fingers :-) ;
- Twitter and Facebook share button is available on Collection section;
- now you can slide single stamps within set;
- now is possible browse past winners of Lotteries and Auctions.

We also correct and fixed a lot of bugs.

We thank you for supporting us and we hope you like this update.
Leave your feedback and suggestion on our web site:
or in our Twitter page:
or directly in the game.

Francesco Chessari & Nicola Pacini

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