Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Version 4.0 AVAILABLE

What's New in Version 4.0.0

Hi to all,
here to you Version 4.0. It's time for COLLECTOR CHALLENGES and two new Themed Sets!

Another brick, in the wall of competition between collectors of over the world, is here.
We introduce the COLLECTOR CHALLENGES, mini-missions to complete for challenge your collection fever!
Periodically we will propose to you missions that will let you earn Points. With these Points you enter in the Challenges Top Charts to compete with others collectors! Enjoy It!

- Collector Challenges section;
- 2 new Themed Sets to collect (40 new artworks!);

We have fixed BUGS that suffered the Version 3.0 in LOTTERY, AUCTION and COLLECTION AWARDS.

We thank you for supporting us and we hope you like this update.
Leave your feedback and suggestion on our web site:
or in our Twitter page:
or directly in the game.

Francesco Chessari & Nicola Pacini

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