Friday, August 5, 2011

Sketches: work in progress on a themed set designed for us by Katy Grierson! [UPDATED]

Hi to all!
Welcome to the post of the series "Sketches". In post like this we'll going to explore the work behind a themed set designed exclusively for Stamp Art Fever.
We'll see the primordial study of the artworks and we'll give to you info about the availability on the game of the final work as stamp.
We'll also introduce to you the illustrator behind the art and we'll ask you to comment, comment and comment!
Stamp Art Fever team

....and now let's go with the first artist: Katy Grierson!

She was the first illustrator we have contacted and she was immediately thrilled about working with us on Stamp Art Fever!
This is her gallery:
...take a look and enjoy her great art !
Katy will create for Stamp Art Fever a set named "Creatures of the Deep"!

Sketch 1

Sketch 2

We will see this themed set on Stamp Art Fever
with the release of the Version 9 (September)


  1. Wooooh...more more more!

  2. Creatures of the Deep sounds so cool!! Do you think to post some other sketches in the next day??


  3. I'm going to like this set a lot. Thanks!

  4. Awesome! Do you have in mind to do a Dragons set?

  5. Great works people! Great works ...

  6. A big thank you to the developers and artists for the sharing these sketches - now we can follow their development into finished stamps for our collections. Creatures of the Deep - fascinating!


  7. Il tema scelto per qsto set è molto affascinante e da questa anteprima il risultato finale nn può ke essere eccezionale!!!

  8. Loving all the new stamp collections! I can hardly wait to start collecting!!!

    If you need another artist, I'd be interested. :-D I can send you sample pics. Contact me at